Princess of Illusions is currently in the early stages of development and was an entry for the OpenGameArt Game Jam #2.  Currently there is only one environment to explore but that is changing within the next few weeks.

We've been busy making improvements and fixing issues.  Feel free to comment or rag on the game.  We are looking for input to make it better and juice it up!


Princess Asta is being forced to find a suitor - she has rejected all but one prince who is set to visit her kingdom.  This is her last chance to escape.

Princess Asta is a powerful enchantress, however her powers have no effect on anyone in her bloodline.  She can disrupt a group of guards to attack themselves, turn incoming damage into healing, steal abilities and spells and use them against her attackers, and place a teleporter.

Aid in her escape from her powerful father, King Halvar.  Search for the one you are truly in love with, at the cost of losing your heir to the throne... or worst... your life.


All Tiles by Surt: 

Additional graphics

Sound Effects

Development log


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Thanks for participating! See you next year!

I appreciate the detailed input, thanks so much!  I'll keep spending time on it. :)